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Our Ninja Warrior classes take inspiration from the widely popular kids Ninja warrior .  Ours is a complex course with complete and fun obstacles that will help your kids learn to deal with and overcome challenges with an innovative and exciting approach.


Classes are designed for kids, by certified and passionate professionals who want your kids to succeed. Kids compete by running in a set of obstacles with fluidity, speed, and stealth, using kicks, spins, and rolls with strength and agility, the classes are formatted in a fun and challenging way.

Our ninja training not only provides exciting and fun exercises, but also helps your kids achieve optimal growth and self-improvement. The best part about our program is that its benefits carry over to your kids’ daily life by helping them stay determined, focused and successful at school as well as achieving personal goals!

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Designed by professional masters, our Kids Ninja Warrior classes ultimately helps children become goal oriented and ingrained with a sense of competition.

The aim is to improve the kids’ strength and endurance through a variety of fun and challenging obstacles made with physical and mental improvements in mind. Kids will learn to climb, jump, traverse and overcome obstacles in this uniquely designed program, and we make sure that after every class your kid leaves with a competitive spirit and a goal set for their next class, nurturing the mindset of overcoming challenges and be efficient in an exciting, creative way!

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Please Find your preferred location Before You book. Leaders Sport Performance has multiple locations in Manhattan, including :

1500 1st Ave, New York
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